Jaguar Land Rover Investments

How does the Trustee decide what to invest in?

Jaguar Land Rover Pension Trustees Limited is the Trustee for the Jaguar Pension Plan, the Land Rover Pension Scheme and the Jaguar Executive Pension Plan.

For each scheme, the Trustee considers the long-term objective, the investment returns required, how markets are positioned and its tolerance for risk, taking into account the strength of the company and its ability to support the Scheme/Plan. The Trustee then builds a diversified portfolio which has a good chance of achieving the objective.

These investments are discussed with the employer and recorded within a Statement of Investment Principles (SIP).The SIP for each Scheme/Plan is available to members upon request.

Who invests the assets?

The Trustee appoints professional investment firms, each selected for its expertise in a specific area. The Trustee negotiates the most favourable fees and terms possible and monitor the firms on a quarterly basis with assistance from its adviser, Towers Watson.

What assets do we have and how are we doing?

The Trustee produces an annual report and accounts for each scheme, which includes details of the investments and recent performance. The latest reports for each of the schemes can be found here.

What is “responsible investment and active ownership”?

The Trustee is committed to being a responsible long-term investor and has developed its position with respect to investor stewardship and the need to consider environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors within investment. In practice, this means:

  • Ongoing monitoring of the investment firms, looking at how they deal with ESG and vote on our behalf
  • Publishing a statement on the Financial Reporting Council’s website showing the Trustee’s commitment to support the UK Stewardship Code. This can be found in the ‘download’ section below.

What advice do we get?

The Trustee has appointed Towers Watson as its Investment Adviser. Towers Watson advises the Trustee on all of the issues raised in these questions.