All new employees who join Jaguar Land Rover will be automatically entered into the JLR Defined Contribution Fund. However, employees can opt out at anytime if they wish although employees should note that by doing so they may lose the Death in Service and Ill Health Benefits attached to membership.

If employees have opted out of the JLR DC Fund, they will be auto-enrolled back into it every 3 years. If they would like to join before this, they will need to provide medical evidence before they will be covered for the Death in Service and Ill Health benefits, which happens automatically when they are auto-enrolled. This means they could potentially not be eligible for ill-health or death benefits.

Benefits of the JLR Defined Contribution Fund

Tax benefits

Income Tax and National Insurance saving on contributions via Salary Sacrifice.

Members have the option to take part of their pension fund as a tax free lump sum on retirement.

Peace of mind

Your family will enjoy financial security in the unfortunate event of your death, with life cover and a pension for your nominated beneficiary; and if you ever become seriously ill, you could be eligible for ill-health benefits.

Early retirement

Default Retirement Age is 65, but this can be amended to any age between age 55 and age 75.

Options to pay extra

You can boost your pension by making more contributions, on which you also get tax-relief. If you wish to do so, please complete the JLR DC Contribution Amendment Form and return to the Payroll Department.

For more information, see the Member Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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[-][+] Can I contribute to other pension schemes at the same time?

As well as your occupational pension plan, you may also invest in other pension arrangements. You should be aware that there is an annual allowance for the amount of tax-free pension savings you can make in a year, as well as a life-time allowance. Details of these allowances can be found on the HMRC website at

You can seek independent financial advice for further information – visit You will be able to get contact details for Independent Financial Advisers based in your area.

[-][+] How it works

A defined contribution pension fund (DC fund) or money purchase pension scheme is one that invests the money you pay into it, together with any employer’s contribution and gives you an accumulated sum on retirement – with which you can secure a pension income, either by buying an annuity or using income drawdown.

A DC fund is run by an external pension provider (in this case, Zurich) and joined by members on an individual basis, so they each have an individual pension pot. It’s just like taking out a personal pension, although your employer may also make a contribution on your behalf.

As the pension is directly related to the investment pot, there is no guarantee on the amount you will receive on retirement, as it depends on how the investments perform.

[-][+] How much are contributions?

The minimum member contribution is 4% of pensionable pay. The Company then also pays in 8% of your pensionable pay. So, your total contribution to your pension fund is equal to at least 12% of your pensionable pay; you can always increase your contributions or choose to make a one-off single payment. You can pay up to 100% of your gross taxable earnings in each tax year, subject to certain restrictions.

You will be enrolled into the plan at the minimum contribution level, unless you choose otherwise. If you increase your contribution to 5% the Company will pay 9%   if you increase to 8% or more the Company will pay 10%.

Pension contributions are tax free (subject to the maximum permitted by HMRC). Members who contribute by Pension Salary Sacrifice will also get a saving on National Insurance, which mean they get a higher net pay.

Pensionable Pay for Hourly paid =

Hourly rate of pay
Contractual hours per week

Pensionable Pay for Salary paid =

Basic annual salary

[-][+] What happens if I don't want to be a member?

It is not mandatory to be a member of the JLR DC Fund and you can opt-out at any time.

However, it is important that you give careful thought to the benefits that you would miss out on if you choose to do so. It is not just you that contributes to the Fund but the Company also pays in twice the minimum member contribution and you would lose out on this. Your family also wouldn’t benefit from the death benefits that would be paid in the unfortunate event of your death in service. You would also miss out on the ill-health benefits if you became sick and were no longer able to work.

You should consider taking independent financial advice prior to making this decision. Visit to get contact details of Independent Financial Advisers based in your area. If you want to opt out of the Plan after being auto-enrolled, you can decline membership within 30 days using the Cancellation Notice that is included in the pack sent to you by Zurich or by calling them on 0800 030 4428. You will receive a full refund of your contribution.

You are also able to opt out after 30 days by completing an Opt Out Form. Please note, your contributions will remain invested until you retire.

If you want to re-join the DC Fund after having opted out, you will need to provide medical evidence before you will be covered for the Death in Service and Ill Health benefits, which happens automatically when you are auto-enrolled but not if you opt-out and then re-join. This means you could potentially not be eligible for ill-health or death benefits.

The company will usually re-enrol you automatically every three years.